I can not even begin to express how thrilled I am to announce our move to the Tampa Bay area. I’d love to get a little personal and tell a short story about my up bringing and where i’ve been and just why I brought my family here!

Hi, i’m Dakota i’m an outgoing 90’s girl who loves capturing little people and everything beauty related! I grew up with my mother (Tina), Father (Daran) and my younger sister (Dana). My dad worked as a Vehicle Maintenance Mechanic in the United States Air Force and my mother a Secretary Warden in the Prison Bureau System! I guess you can say I grew up in a stricked home to say the least! My parent’s were great role models from my sister and I showing us hard work pays off!! With all their “extra money” they would buy race cars and parts just to spend the weekends going to the race track. My dad is such a motor head and always had me helping him though I’m such a girlie girl! I had fun watching the fast cars and the smell of nitro always takes me back!

My dad being Military we had the pleasure which at the time felt like the world was ending of moving every two-three years!! We’ve lived in Illinois, Germany, New Mexico, South Carolina, Panama Canal, New Jersey, and Florida. I was in 10th Grade when we were stationed here to New Tampa! It’s already hard going to High School but to be in a completely new environment as a young girl it was very intimidating! I’ll say at this age girls can be so brutal and unaccepting of outsiders. I spent a good year not only trying to find myself but to fit in. I worked my first job at Taco Bell on SR54 and made some unforgiving choices that landed me at Zephyrhills High School for my 11th and 12th grade!

My family bought a home right near Zephyrhills High School where I could walk to and from school and all the boys could ohhh and ahhh over my parents race cars. After graduating High School in Zephyrhills I moved to Tampa and worked as a full time as a sever and model for 5 years. I also went to college and received my Associates Degree and went to the Salon Professional Academy where I obtained my Cosmetology license. It was one event where I was working in Sebring Florida where I met my now husband (Chandler) who was visiting from college for the race.

I was working as a flag girl for Viper! Chandler along with other spectators approached me and asked for a picture with me. I of course said yes and we took this always cherished image! After the image was taken he asked if he could tag me on Instagram without giving much though to his method I allowed him to follow me on social media and with a few likes here and there we became a bit more obsessive with one anothers profile. So I decided to call him out asking why he asked for my instagram but not my phone number. We spoke for a few weeks and at this time I was working in a salon as a stylist in Tampa. I decided to take a weekend off and travel to Ole Miss where he was going to college to see if there was a further connection beyond social media. Well sure enough we totally hit it off and I made a decision a few weeks later to move to Mississippi to pursue Chandler.

BIG NEWS! I’m pregnant Nov 2014 I found out we were expecting! From that moment I knew I wanted to have home birth and be as holistic as possible. My dream of a becoming a mom was happening right before me. Chandler was going to school full time and working full time grave yard shift job at a factory. We were young (me 25, him 21) just trying to make ends meet. My birth story now published is one for the books literally! Read story here! When it came time for graduation we were trying to decide on places to move where we had some family, Chandler growing up in Colorado but since moved in High School to New Jersey and then recruited to Mississippi for Ice Hockey convinced me Colorado was beautiful and a great place to raise kids. So with our 9 month old baby girl (Bentley) we made our way to Colorado!

After about 6 months of living in Colorado BIG NEWS X2 came along!! I’m pregnant with surprise baby number two 2016! Again wanting a home birth even after traumatic birth number one we left baby gender a surprise and had a second home birth! Baby boy (Zephyr) was born! Read Birth Story HereĀ 

Colorado was beautiful and really a great place to rise a family just as Chandler promised but I just always felt some part of me was missing and after 3 years in Colorado I somehow convinced Chandler it was time to sell our home and move to the sunshine state!! May 1st 2018 we packed up our home and bought a home in the Epperson community where an amazing Lagoon is being built. I love humidity, sunshine and water!! Everything I felt Colorado was missing. We are currently living in a rental property while we await our dream home to finish being built. When I see the palm trees after so many years being away I just know I made the right decision to come back!

I look forward to rebuilding my clientele here in Tampa as I will not be going anywhere anytime soon! My business means everything to me and I always make sure my clients are 100% satisfied with their experience with me! Thank you for allowing me to share some of my personal life journey with you! I can’t wait to hear a little of yours!