Lets talk about SAFETY for a minute.

I watched a video today of this pose gone wrong, let’s just say it wasn’t very pleasant to watch. After seeing it, I feel maybe it would be a good opportunity to bring up the importance of Newborn safety in the studio. I stress this topic a lot in my mentorship with other fellow photographers but I believe we need to educate the, parents seeking a Tampa newborn photographer, as well as new aspiring newborn photographers. (link to video)

This is one of my number one requested poses by parents, and it is one of my favorites to do – BUT what you see me share on my page is only the final image. There is some magic that goes on in photoshop, but most importantly there are SAFETY measures taken behind the scenes to ensure your fragile new baby is always supported and safe.

An important note to both new photographers and new parents – please note this pose is done as a composite, using a spotter (parent|assistant) and hands are on baby at all times.

I’m happy to offer tips on how to achieve this pose SAFELY – please feel free to reach out to me

Knowledge, experience, training and an emphasis on safety are the MOST important things you should be considering and looking for, even before the cost of your investment, when hiring a newborn photographer.